Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding my services or if you want me to make you an offer.


Some Information About Me

RickI’m a 23 years old German who loves everything about his language and English. I’ve been writing on my own novels since I was a kid and am finally just a few weeks of work away of self-publishing the first one of those. Thanks to that my German is impeccable which is why I can confidently offer German proofreadings and reviews. I live for my language and I have a vast vocabulary. But even better: I also know how to use it! It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for English German translations with great quality or if you want to make sure that your German content sounds as awesome as you want it to sound – I’m exactly the right guy for you.

If you contact me via the email-address above, I’ll make you a personalized offer or answer your questions. Please note that I won’t agree to Skype calls for new clients since I’ve had some bad experiences with those in the past. I personally believe that it’s better for the both of us to keep everything in written form and I hope that you agree with that!

I look forward to your email! 🙂