English German Translation

Nowadays, everyone knows that machine translations are never a good alternative to professional English German translations. Sure, they can help if you’re trying to translate a legal text from a foreign language to your native language to get a general idea of the content but they can never replace a well-written, manual translation. And this is exactly why you’re here, isn’t it?

Translating is much more than simply taking the words from a dictionary and putting them in an appropriately structured sentence. Each and every translation requires something entirely different and if you’ve ever written or translated a text then you know that I’m right. For me, translating is a form of writing.

Sure, the “voice” of the text is pre-defined by the original text but that’s exactly the challenge when translating instead of writing. I want to get your message across and need to find the correct words and style to do just that. Personally, I think that this process is a lot of fun and that shows in my translations.

Why Should You Choose Me For Your English German Translations Or German Proofreading?

You probably guessed it already based on the subheading: I offer two services, translations from English to German and proofreadings/reviews in German. I’m different from many other professional translators in one specific thing that can be seen as a disadvantage or as an advantage, really.

I don’t have a degree in translations or even in one of the languages of my translation pair.

But wait, Rick, why should I hire you instead of someone who has already proven to be capable in this field thanks to his degree? That’s a valid question and one I’m happy to answer. It’s true that I don’t have a degree but what I do have is work experience as a freelancer. I started out about a year ago and have quickly built my reputation. The thing about websites that work as a facilitator between freelancers and clients is that they take a whole lot of fees from both sides. That’s exactly what I want to avoid with this website.

And that brings us to your main advantage of me not having a degree: I’m more affordable than other translators. But please don’t think that means I’ll be working for 0,01$ a word. If you’re looking for a great and reliable translator then that kind of money won’t get you anywhere. Trust me, I know that. You might be lucky once but the second time will almost always result in desaster.

English German Translation Review

But enough of that, let’s get a quick look at one of the reviews that helped me build my previously mentioned reputation.

“Rick delivered excellent work on a Brand Presentation I had to translate. His communication was great all the time, he met all deadlines, and his availability was just great.
I would definitely hire him again and recommend him for any translation job.”

If you want more of those and some examples of my work, please go to References.
If you want to know more about my work conditions and what exactly I offer, please go to Services & Prices.

About Me

I’m a 23 years old German who loves everything about his language and English. I’ve been writing on my own novels since I was a kid and am finally just a few weeks of work away of self-publishing the first one of those. Thanks to that my German is impeccable which is why I can confidently offer German proofreadings and reviews. I live for my language and I have a vast vocabulary. But even better: I also know how to use it! It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for English German translations with great quality or if you want to make sure that your German content sounds as awesome as you want it to sound – I’m exactly the right guy for you.